👋 Our Story

Our mission is to help sales and service professionals using Salesforce grow their careers and generate more revenue by spending less time entering data and more time delivering value to customers.


Update.it was born out of the product triumphs and internal challenges of scaling our own company over the last 8 years to become a leading Salesforce ISV product serving the likes of AT&T, Vodafone, and NextEra Energy. 


Like any rapidly growing company, we were focused on engineering internal systems to help our sales and customer support teams be more efficient. We observed our frontline managers and sales/service leaders spending valuable time reminding individuals to update Salesforce in advance of forecast meetings.  The result was costly: inaccurate forecasting, wasted admin time, and thus, longer sales cycles and time to resolution.


But one sales team was different. They were using a feature from our project management software to effectively manage their work in Salesforce. So we got to thinking....


We built a spreadsheet overlay that exists natively in Salesforce and can be adopted generally as a standard for any company using Salesforce as their CRM. The tool enabled sales teams to easily view, filter, update, and assign records from a single screen — basically building everyone’s favorite offline spreadsheet and embedding it into Salesforce.


 Our folks were loving it so much that when our sales reps did leave (😭), they would often reach back out to us asking if we could provision an instance of Update.it that they could bring to their new teams.


We now hope to share the productivity and effectiveness hack that our team members have been using for years with the rest of the

Salesforce ecosystem!